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Attractions Of Egypt

Attractions Of Egypt
A list of the 10 most beautiful places to visit while in Egypt. This is one of the most ancient places, with an enormous collection of legendary landmarks and national treasures, which leads to the delight of the crowd of people for many centuries. Attractions of Egypt are popular not only because of its history, but also thanks to the extraordinary beauty and grandeur.

The second largest city of Egypt, like Marseille or Athens. Alexandria is known for its great architecture and historical heritage. It was very fashionable and highly developed city. Despite the fact that many sites have disappeared from the face of the Earth, in Alexandria, there are still a number of places that are definitely worth a visit. You can explore historic ruins of the whole day, and in the evening to sit in some old coffee shop, and watch the Mediterranean sea sipping smoke from a hookah. 2. Cairo

This city is a dream traveler, because there is an old tradition, and many ancient temples, tombs, churches, monuments and museums. It is also worth visiting the numerous street markets, the chaos which will plunge You into a culture shock. Egyptian speculators will offer You all their goods, from carpets and ending with all sorts of small trinkets. Read more about this in the article about Cairo’s attractions. 3. The red sea coast

Sharm El Sheikh is a famous Egyptian resort filled with luxury hotels, casinos, night clubs and numerous tourists, vacationers on the white beaches. Holidays in Sharm El-Sheikh is very popular although the real beauty of this region — the Red sea and its coast. In these clear blue waters are filled with an incredible amount of exotic fish and corals that are so popular among diving enthusiasts. In fact, this is one of the best places for scuba diving in the world. Underwater natural attractions of Egypt did not concede ground, and sometimes surpass them. You can check it for yourself, rent your scuba gear. 4. The great pyramids of Giza

No one should leave Egypt without visiting the pyramids of Egypt. This is the only surviving ancient 7 wonders of the world, older than 4600 years. The whole complex of ancient buildings still shrouded in mystery. On a trip here will have to allocate a whole day to thoroughly explore all the interesting places. 5. The ancient city of Luxor

There are only a few places in the world that can be called a Museum under the open sky, and the Egyptian city Luxor is definitely one of them. The number of monuments and attractions here is through the roof. Be sure to visit the Egyptian temple of Luxor and the famous Karnak temples, providing familiarity with the Luxor at least a few days. 6. The Nile River

The best way to explore one of the most famous rivers in the world — cruises op her, which lasts several days. The river Nile is famous for its flora and fauna, during your visit You will get acquainted with rural life of Egypt, and will be able to visit all the famous temples and ancient places of interest. 7. Mount Sinai
Attractions Of Egypt
One of the most interesting sights of the Sinai Peninsula is mount Sinai. Its religious significance is just tremendous, it is many times mentioned in the Book of Exodus, in the Bible and the Quran. That is why there is always a lot of tourists and pilgrims. Most go there on foot, and some even stay overnight in the houses to watch the sunrise. 8. The Monastery Of Saint Catherine

St. Catherine’s monastery is located on mount Sinai and is a world heritage site by UNESCO. This is one of the oldest continuously functioning Christian monasteries in the world. This is very unusual and strange building with an amazing history that is worth a visit. 9. Siwa Oasis

Attractions of Egypt are very unusual and the proof of this is the Siwa oasis, one of the most beautiful places to visit. It is located in the wilderness between the qattara depression and the Egyptian Sand Sea, the oasis is famous for its own culture different from the dominant Arabic culture here. They speak their own language, and the region is famous for its hot springs, jewellery, sweets and olives. 10. The white desert of Egypt

The legendary White desert is located 28 miles North of the city Farafra. This is one of the most unusual places in the world, with fanciful landscapes and ghostly rock formations that rise out of the Sands. These strange sculptures — the formation of chalk, created under the influence of sandstorms in the area. It is best to go on Safari, rent a jeep and stay overnight to get a unique travel experience.

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